Vax Air Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review


Please note that since making this video, the batteries now only have a two year guarantee.

Here I put the Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner through its paces.
I am very impressed with this machine. It cleans very well, it’s lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and has a long run time of 50 minutes using two Lithium Ion batteries.
This is the best cordless vacuum cleaner I have used so far!

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35 Replies to “Vax Air Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review”

  1. Hi ibaisaic, I live in a large terrace house and am looking for something lightweight, preferably cordless, to use as a main vacuum cleaner. We currently have a Henry Hoover but it's an absolute chore lugging the little fella around. What would you recommend and what is your current favourite? Thanks!

  2. Hi Roger, I bought the USA Hoover Air Cordless (the USA twin to Vax) LOVE it! I got a special package with two batteries as well and extra tools. Also, Three Brushrolls for this Hoover. The standard comes with it and my "package deal" another Hard Floor (soft and fluffy) and purchased the Multi Floor Brushroll, which I highly recommend. It's a combo of alternate soft/stiff brushes. Anyhow, I concur with your review.. An excellent vacuum! Thanks Roger

  3. Good video, I've recently purchased this machine and I'm very impressed with it indeed, we've had the early Vax Mach Air mains one for nearly 6 years which replaced a Dyson at the time , the old Mach air is kept safe in a cupboard now as a back up and cordless is the main vacuum it is very impressive for a battery machine, Vax have really done a good job with their technology innovations over the years and more so recently another thumbs up!

  4. Hello I've got vax dynamo power cordless h85-dp-b21 and I have a problem with this when I put it on the charger the light is flashing red and green do you have any idea what could be happen?thanks for any answers

  5. I've just bought one of these and am glad that I took note of this review rather than a certain magazine that would have had me spending a lot more. It's the first cordless upright I have had and is so easy to use and the bin was almost full of dirt cleaning the downstairs carpets that had only been cleaned a few days before. Been tempted to get a cordless upright since owning a hand held 12v Hoover Jovis with turbo brush as it is so convenient having no cord.

  6. I succumbed and brought one- even though the battery only has 2 years guarantee. Reason? £129.99 in Argos and a £10 voucher :-). Used it once and am VERY impressed- why the hell would anyone buy an Air Ram!!!

  7. hi roger – at 5.20 where you pick it up to demonstrate weight your right hand is under the brush – can you confirm the clear plastic piece is called the floor head?

    the wheel has fell off ours but there is no pic on vax website to confirm


  8. Excellent video, very informative. Ive ordered the vax air cordless dual which has the hose disconnection at the top rather than the base, and the motor disconnects from the floor tool so should be good and portable for doing stairs, skirting boards etc. Thanks again, mate.

  9. Bought one! Thank you for this demo! I LOVE THE VACUUM! Best I"ve ever had and I wish I could bring it back to California with me when I leave England.

  10. Hi Roger
    I am interested in the Vax Air Cordless
    We have High Pile Carpets
    Any comment on suitability for this type of carpet
    I notice carpet in your video review is low pile

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