£8.99 instead of £19.99 (from Blooming Direct) for a set of 12 lavender plants, or £14.99 for 24 plants – save up to 55%

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12 or 24 Lavender ‘Munstead’ Plants
Get a set of 12 or 24 lavender ‘Munstead’ plants. Transform your garden with colour and incredible fragrance! They reach reaching approx. 45-60cm (1-2ft) in height. Brings bees and other pollinators into your garden – great for fruit tree growers! Weather-hardy, easy to grow and low maintenance!

Store Price: £ 19.99

Offer Price: £ 8.99

Valid from: 2019/03/29 Valid to: 2019/04/29

£24 instead of £79.99 for a pair of king sago palm trees from PlantStore – save 70%

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2 King Sago Palm Trees
Get a pair of King Sago Palm Trees. Gorgeous, primitive Cycad plants! Perfect to use as a container and landscape plant! Extremely long-lived. Delivered at a height approx. 50cm (including plastic flower pot*).

Store Price: £ 79.99

Offer Price: £ 24.00

Valid from: 2018/11/22 Valid to: 2019/04/17

£26.99 instead of £59.99 for a pair of cordyline pink passion – stunning hardy torbay palms from PlantStore – save 55%

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Pair of Cordyline Pink Passion Torbay Palms
Get a pair of Cordyline pink passion Torbay palms. With beautiful purple-red foliage and distinctive pink edging. Hardy and need very little water! An exotic and striking addition to any garden or patio. Delivered at a height of 50-60 cm in 2-3L containers.

Store Price: £ 59.99

Offer Price: £ 26.99

Valid from: 2019/03/09 Valid to: 2019/04/09

£12 instead of £23.97 (from Blooming Direct) for a complete bedding plant bundle –save 50%

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Complete Bedding Plant Bundle – 3 Varieties!
Get a complete bedding plant bundle. Includes 120 plug plants (measuring approx. 1.5-2 cm each). With 40 each of Geranium, Lobelia and Petunia varieties! Perfect for filling up hanging baskets, patio pots, tubs and troughs. Create the perfect garden in time for summer!

Store Price: £ 23.97

Offer Price: £ 12.00

Valid from: 2019/04/03 Valid to: 2019/05/03

£24.99 instead of £57.99 (from PlantStore) for a set of four patio standard rose trees in assorted colours – have a gorgeous looking garden and save 57%

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Patio Standard Rose Trees – 4 Colours!
Get a set of four patio standard rose trees. In a variety of colours that’ll spruce up your garden! Your trees will repeat bloom again and again throughout the season. A great way to add a pop of colour to your patio. Supplied bare rooted and an overall height of approx.70-80cm.

Store Price: £ 57.99

Offer Price: £ 24.99

Valid from: 2019/03/15 Valid to: 2019/04/15

£14.99 instead of £36 (from Blooming Direct) for 2x Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ plants – save 58%

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2x Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ Plants w/ Pot
Get 2x stunning Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’ plants. Produces breath-taking snowy white flowers. Compact in size – it’s perfect for pots and baskets! Supplied in a 10.5cm plant pot and approx. 20cm in height Awarded Plant of the Year for 2018 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! The ‘Runaway Bride’ uniquely forms trailing garlands of flowers on new wood.

Store Price: £ 36.00

Offer Price: £ 14.99

Valid from: 2019/04/09 Valid to: 2019/05/09

£19.99 instead of £59.99 for a a magnolia shrub collection with three varieties from PlantStore – save 67%

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3 Magnolia Shrub Collection
Get a magnolia shrub collection. Includes three beautiful varieties: Soulangeana, Betty and Royal Star. All known for their fragrant blossoms. Grow easily in planters or the garden. Supplied at 50cm in a 3L container. Get your garden looking great!

Store Price: £ 59.99

Offer Price: £ 19.99

Valid from: 2018/09/30 Valid to: 2019/07/29

£19.99 instead of £49.99 for a five-plant evergreen pieris shrub collection from PlantStore – save 60%

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5 Plant Evergreen Pieris Shrub Collection
Get a five plant Evergreen Pieris shrub collection. Featuring five different varieties! Decorate your flower beds, borders and patio pots. With colourful year-round folliage! Easy to grow – no fuss! Add some colour to your garden.

Store Price: £ 49.99

Offer Price: £ 19.99

Valid from: 2018/12/14 Valid to: 2019/07/29

£12.99 instead of £20 (from Blooming Direct) for a pack of 10 Nerine Hybridiser mixed bulbs – save 35%

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10pk Nerine Hybridiser Mixed Bulbs
Get a pack of 10 Nerine Hybridiser mixed bulbs. Known as ‘Guernsey Lillies’, featuring beautiful white, pink and red flowers! Blooming in late summer and early autumn. Hardy and easy to care for. Perfect for brightening up your garden. Ideal for growing in large patio pots, beds or borders!

Store Price: £ 20.00

Offer Price: £ 12.99

Valid from: 2019/03/10 Valid to: 2019/04/10

£19.99 instead of £49.99 (from PlantStore) for a pack of 3 Japanese banana trees – save 60%

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3 Japanese Banana Trees
Get a set of 3 stunning Japanese banana trees. Supplied measuring approx. 40-60cm in height. Supplied in approx. 1-2 litre containers. An exotic addition to any garden! Blooms creamy yellow flowers with large brown bracts. They may also sprout adorable little inedible bananas!

Store Price: £ 49.99

Offer Price: £ 19.99

Valid from: 2019/03/27 Valid to: 2019/04/28