Real life Demo of Shark Sonic Duo


Check out this review and demonstration of the new Shark Sonic Duo–a new weapon in the battle against stuck-on dirt. The Sonic Duo from Shark Cleaning is the a total floor cleaning system that cleans hard floors and carpets. In this informative video I test out both the hard wood floor setting and the carpet cleaning setting. I detail the color-coded system and walk you through the process.

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41 Replies to “Real life Demo of Shark Sonic Duo”

  1. Yes I have one of those machines and I make that son of a gun work.
    Are usually use it on stairs commercial usually after my extractor it works great.
    And I make that machine work hard. I use the green pads that's the one for hard floors that's what I use the green pads, on stairs.

  2. looks like it's designed for smooth surfaces, no way of getting in between grout lines on tiled floors, particularly narrower ones. Also, for dried stains in the kitchen which only come off with extreme steam heat or a bristle scraper, don't think this would do much.

  3. Thank you for this demo. I'm thinking about getting one of these cleaners and I appreciate you showing me how it works. Are the pads re-usable? If so, how do I clean them? Thank you, again.

  4. 1. Why the dress up? This is just a product demo. 2 Where does the dirty water go? She didn't really sound unbiased. Sounded just like a commercial. Not sold.

  5. I would strongly suggest you never use this product on your hardwood floors.  Really you should never expose your hardwood to water at any cost.  Wood is a living material if you add water to it you will cause it to swell once the moisture leaves the product it will contract.  This movement in the product will cause the finish on the wood to crack which will then allow the wood to take in more water which in turn causes more swelling and shrinking which normally will cause the finish to start to flake off.  Your hardwood floor comes with a care instructions read that and clean you floor accordingly.  The best hard wood cleaners are as follows (Bruce hardwood cleaner , Armstrong hardwood cleaner, and Bona).  These cleaners are alcohol based and much safer for you hardwood floors.

  6. This review was helpful because there was no advertising hype and some questions were answered about how to use the cleaning products and pads. My interest is in a machine to agitate carpet with a low moisture solution to encapsulate embedded dirt.

  7. This was a great Demo it was like watching a young Elizabeth McGovern mop my floors
    kind of hot. I even like your outfit it just fits your looks. I buy more things from watching youtube then any silly infomercials.

  8. i have a shark nav lift away, best vacum i have ever owned plus its sealed, it cleans so good but this could be good to clean our white carpets?? would you recomend? i would give my shark a 5 star rating and it comes with 5 year warranty which is great!

  9. I was always told when cleaning wood floors to go with the grain but I noticed you went across the grain does it not make a difference? Also does it leave streaks or a residue at all on your wood or tile floor?

  10. Just a slight correction, it's 1,000 vibrations per minute, not per second.  If it was 1,000 vibrations per second, it would be equivalent to the motion seen when striking a cymbal with a drum stick.

  11. I've had my eye on this for a while now. They just came out with the Shark Deluxe Duo. I'd really like to see a review of the two to see the differences. From what I can tell, it's mainly the warranty and that there are 2 speeds on the Deluxe model. Thanks for doing this review. It's nice to see it in real action and not just on infomercials.

  12. Forget the damn carpet, this young lady is a real looker and I give the visuals AAA++. Keep up the good work, but replace the slippers with a nice medium heels sling back pumps and it;s golden. GOLDEN !!! Oh lose the scarf it is too busy and it would be a plus to high light your 'girls'.

  13. it is made by political prisions in Viet Nam and Laos. And the injection molding is done in India by child labor. And it is lubercated with the tears of unwanted female children of China.The cardboard box is made from the pulp of vigin stands of old growth lumber. and the profits go to buy cigerettes for Bernard Madoff.

  14. You could use help with mic-ing the sound, use a shot gun microphone or a lavalier type. Also the sandles/flip-flops look quite odd with the over fluffy scarf.
    I have been using a Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner for years. I would ask you to try the over engineered scrubby pads first and then see what you can get using the "hot water" steam cleaner. The HomeDepot rentals work the same way. The Hover gets so much extra dirt it is crazy. Also you look hot in those pants, do you tango ?

  15. What they don't tell you is you have to vacuum the area you just cleaned all over again. Not to mention one of those solution soap bottles last about one room if that. I cleaned two rooms and im out of the solution and I only had it for a day and a half.

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