PJ MASKS IRL Eat Too Much & Get Fat Owlette Eats Cookies + Catboy Exercise & Baby Gekko In Real Life


PJ Masks IRL superheroes in real life parody with Gekko, Owlette and Catboy. Owlette eats too much food and gets fat. PJ Mask character Owlette eats cookies, popcorn, a tomato and a sandwich. Catboy teaches Owlette how to exercise and workout. Baby Gekko laughs in this superhero IRL funny parody.

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DisneyCarToys is a family friendly toy channel. Sandra and Spidey make toy reviews with Sandra’s kids Alex, Ava and Adam. Our channel is known for Barbie Parodies, Cookie Monster and Disney Princess IRL dress up. We are the original creators of the ball pit and balloon pop surprise toy videos.

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This video features the new PJ Masks Vehicles by Just Play

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