New Makita DTD154 Cordless Impact Driver 18V Review


Here in this video we look at the Makita DTD154 Cordless Impact Driver 18V with the brushless motor. I bought this as a package deal, but if you were to buy the body on its own, the model number would be DTD154Z.

The Makita BL1830 18v LXT 3.0Ah Li-Ion Battery contains high energy density technology. Being Lithium-Ion, the BL1830 has no memory effect and is much lighter than other battery chemistries. 22 minute re-charge in DC18RC charger. Fits all Makita 18v Li-Ion tools. Battery has the Makita ‘Star’ technology so if your tool also has a ‘Star’ you can be assured of battery protection.

The DC18RC has a cooling fan and active 3 controls, meaning that during the loading of the charging voltage, charging current, and temperature is held in the holes. The cooling system blows air into the battery. As a result, high temperatures occur in the battery, so that the battery life is extended, and the charging process is accelerated.

The Makita DTD154 brushless impact driver is lightweight, compact, packed full of features and perfect for the professional. With an efficient brushless motor that increases battery run time by around 30% and needs virtually no maintenance.

The electronic gearbox features 4 impact settings, “T” mode for tightening self drilling screws plus 3-stage impact power selection (hard 0 – 3800 ipm, medium 0 – 2600ipm, and soft 0 – 1100 ipm) ideal for all applications from heavy to delicate work. The one touch sliding chuck features easy bit installation and removal, alongside twin LED lights that illuminate the work area.

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  1. what the fuck? im lost for words, you have no idea how to use a driver like this… fucked screw head much? you got your second dislike from me, really shocked there is not more dislikes…

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