NEVER retrieve your DRONE AGAIN || quopa/turtle mode and MY PIDs



UPDATE : The new website to get the configurator and firmware is


RF1 Flash and Setup – 0:55
Leaving to Fly – 13:14
QUOPA Tutorial – 14:30


Seriously, quopa/turtle mode is the *dolphin noise*. Set it up now.

Music Credits:
Prismo – Connect




SUPER Cinematic Drone:
-DJI Mavic Pro –

Main Setup:

-5″ QAV-R – [~]
-Lumenier MX2206 2450kv Motors –
-Lumenier BLHeli_S 30A ESC –
-Skitzo FC – [~]
-Matek HubOSD PDB – [~]
-Wild Willy 5x5x3BC Props –
-Lumenier 1300mah Graphene –
-Runcam Swift – [~]
-Lumenier 200mw 5.8gHz vTx – [~]
-Lumenier AXII Antenna –

-Soft Motor Mount TPU Pads (THESE WORK SO WELL) –

MICRO Drone! :

-Frame and Props –
-BeeCore F3 Flight Controller –
-Special Sauce Motors –
-Camera/vTx Combo –

-Futaba T14SG (Best radio I have EVER flown) –
-Futaba R2001SB rX –

-Fat Shark HD V3 – [~]
-Fat Shark Goggle Batteries – [~]
-LaForge V2 Module –
-LaForge V2 Diversity Module –

-ThinkTank FPV Session Backpack – [~]
-ThinkTank Battery Holder (I use it as a tool holder) –

~[Camera Gear]~
-Sony A6500 (Main Vlog Camera) –
-Zeiss 16-70 Lens –
-Joby Gorilla Pod –
-GoPro Hero 5 Session (Main Drone Camera) –
-GoPro Hero Session (Backup Drone Camera) –
-Blue Session Lens –
-64gb Micro SD Card –
-USB/MicroUSB Card Reader –

~[Editing Equipment]~
-Dell Inspiron 15.6″ 2-in-1 Laptop –
-MX Master Mouse (basically REQUIRED for editing) –
-2TB External Hard Drive –


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39 Replies to “NEVER retrieve your DRONE AGAIN || quopa/turtle mode and MY PIDs”

  1. Your style is just……… I mean, I just cant stop watching! 10k is nothing with this content. Keep it up bro you'll be at 20k in no time. Love watching you rip. I live 30 min away from Lexington and would love to fly next time you're in.

  2. Off topic… saw you on the drone racing show I recorded. I enjoy it the most I guess. Takes the most ability in my opinion. Free style is Cool and I watch it all the time, but racing is a keep it between the lines and go as fast as you can kinda thing that really tests a pilot. Opinion expressed…

  3. help man I updated to the 324 version and I cant save anything in the PID settings. Its also blank. If I fill out everything and click save It gives me an error. Scared to fly it because literally the entire pid tuning page is blank.

  4. I'm interested in giving Raceflight a go. I've been kind of standoffish though.
    Kiss totally turned me off and Betaflight? Well BF has worked for me and now I've been totally blown away with 3.2.
    One question I have and one of the biggest reasons I hated Kiss.
    Does RF support IBUS? Yes I'm a cheap bastard and I use FlySky.
    Please don't judge. It works and works well.

  5. Willy flies rf disliked lol jk wtf beat was that you we jamming to in middle of video it's also at the end it's dope have you done any fiddleing with bf anti crash freature ?

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