Lecai Acrylic Fountain Pen Review – clear pocket ED pen


Another interesting well made Chinese pen. Great pocket pen. Beautiful clear acrylic. Writes well. Worth checking out


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  1. When I first saw this pen on the pic in my Youtube app (phone) I didn't know if I was going to watch the review because I found this pen ugly. Now after the review I changed my opinion 180 degrees. I looks cool and classy. I don't have an eyedropper pen yet. Maybe this will be my first. I just found it on ebay.
    Can somebody tell me how long the delivery from China takes? I'm already waiting for another chinese pen over 2 month now (amazon). Maybe it got lost.
    Thank you

  2. Chris:. Glad to see your review of this pen. I've seen it for sale on eBay. The frosted section looked to me as it was made out of a separate piece of plastic. Your review cleared that up for me.

    Do you think the frosted effect was a design choice or a byproduct of the machining process?

    Thanks for another great review.

  3. Hi Chris, I watched this review again today for the second time. Mainly because I couldn't get the simple beauty of this pen out of my mind. In the video the pen looks like a piece of glass. What I like so much is that this pen is like a window. You are not distracted by the pen parts. The emphasis is more on the ink you have chosen. Therefore the pen will 'look' different each time you fill it with another colour. As you will have guessed, you have inspired me to buy this pen and I will be placing an order today. I was impressed at how well it wrote in your writing sample so what's not to like about this pen? I've never heard of the brand Lecai so, once again, you have introduced me to something new. Thanks again for a very interesting review.

  4. I noticed something on the cap when you mentioned the condensation in it. It is hard to tell on the video though it seemed that some of the condensation was toward the crown of the cap above the area where the nib fits in and ends. This could only happen if the part that you described as being milled in was actually a separate piece allowing some water between this piece and the outer cap, when you washed it out. I have ordered my own but I was wondering if you could take a look and see if that is the reason, Mine won't be here for two months or more given my shipping experiences. Thanks. Great review.

  5. Great review Chris, spot on. I purchased this pen. It's an attractive pen. I purchased the fine nib and wasn't impressed with that nib. The fine nib on this pen was inferior to the fine nibs I've purchased from Wing Sung and Jinhao, albeit this is a 5 and think they are a number 6. I had to do some smoothing and still was not satisfied. I will look to replace the nib on mine.

  6. @Chrisrap52, I'm beginning to think I may have to unsubscribe from your channel: I'd managed to scale back my purchases of cheaper Chinese pens, but your reviews of this and the Wing Sung 3003 have driven me back onto eBay. This pen looks pretty fantastic – I've just placed an order. Still have to decide whether I'm going to go for a Lanbitou 3059, or a Wing Sung 698, or a Wing Sung 3008, or a Lingmo Lorelei, or a Caliarts Ego, or all of the above… Thankfully I already own a Karas Kustoms Barstock pen, and you've talked me out of trying the Jinhao 992s…

    Keep up the good work – and I'll probably keep watching (just have to hold on tighter to my wallet…)

  7. I've been considering a cheap eyedropper pen for a couple of weeks, but I think that this pen might just be what I've been looking for!
    Thanks for posting this video 🙂

  8. hi chris, the two i order came in a couple of days ago. i flushed one of them out and filled it with j.herbin 1670 bleu ocean. you can see the gold particles in the ink quite clearly through the barrel and the m nib is wet enough to let the ink shimmer on the page – very happy with this one ;D. thanks for all your reviews. neil
    p.s. did you get a clear pvc pen sleeve with yours?

  9. I bought this pen after reading about it from one of your commenters. Mine is a
    .5 fine, though. I had to smooth the nib a bit, but not much. I do think that it requires a lot of turning to remove the cap from the pen , at least more than my other screw-on caps. I currently have J. Herbin Rouge Opera in it but Diamine Apple Glory looks great too. Thanks for the review.

  10. I blunt the needles of medical syringes with a sharpening stone to use with my pens.
    That frosted section – cap seal reminds me the ground glass stoppered bottles used in chemistry equipment. Thank you for showing us such an interesting pen.

  11. Can you switch nibs in this pen? Also have you experienced any staining of the acrylic body from prolonged exposure to ink? Regardless, an interesting pen worth checking out. Thanks for the review and introduction!

  12. 'it is a medical syringe' Hence the band aid? lol
    Really like the minimal and the utilitarian design of the pen! This is one to try for me. Thanks Chris for another nice review.

  13. Interesting, gonna buy one. I wonder if the #5 will accept a waterman #2 nib. Would be a spectacular flex pen if so! Obviously have to open the feed too. Still, I think this pen with a good we like bent nib would be amazing too.

    Any update on whether that jinhao dragon pen dries out?

    I make my own syringes with medical needles from work – some basic 600-1800 grit sandpaper will blunt them to a very safe degree in a few seconds – you don't need to completely blunt the needle, just take the sharp point off and it'll be safe.

  14. possible flaw in design i see… there is no anti roll.. so not a good pen for a desk writer.. but it does look very nice, i might pick this up.. since this pen is design as a eyedropper, i hope it doesnt burp after awhile… so far, every eyedropper pen i used burp in some point..

  15. I put baystate blue in this pen to test how hard it will be to clean afterwards. I got the fine version but I think if I had to do it again I would do the medium. It's great the section breaks down for cleaning.

  16. The ink looks great in the pen … I immediately thought FC when you said what does it look like lol …
    It's a good way to see if you'd like a pocket pen before you drop the money on a FC

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