Indesit IWDC6125S Washer Dryer Demonstration


Here’s a brief demo of the washer dryer that was provided in the holiday cottage I recently stayed in. Sorry, I can’t show you any more demonstrations of this particular machine because obviously I don’t have any further access to it.


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  1. I have a Hotpoint WMAO863P in white which does the job much better than this. It has a super silent motor and its faster. i might get a new washing machine though as its starting to sound noisy behind the bearing area lol only a year, so just wondering what washing machine you would recommend under £300 if possible, thanks roger

  2. Oh dear Roger, yes really Indeshit. The motor as you say struggling and sounding weak. I had a Indeshit slimline dishwasher, OK but nothing special. Thought you was going to show us how the machine coped with Marks briefs after he shite them but think you said he slung them(over some old grannies garden wall!)hope your both keeping well, as well as mum and your dogs. Love and best wishes from Tottenham Lee.

  3. I have this model but in white in my flat, unfortunately i cant change it as it came as part of the furniture with the rental agreement, would love to change if for a Miele, but for just the two of us it does the job perfectly well.

  4. I'm always tickled by the small size of European washers. In the US our washers are almost the size of suvs up to six cu ft ( about 30 kg ). Bought allot of clothing for each type of wash and I'm down to eight loads per month changing clothes twice per day. I don't think I could live with a salad spinner.

  5. Not disliking the video because it's a Indesit as they are really good machines we have always had one and a few others in the street have them unliking the video because you don't like Indesits

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