FoodSaver | Vacuum Canning


FoodSaver | Vacuum Canning


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  1. Thank you for showing your mistakes and not editing that out. I'd rather learn more from your videos than to wonder if I missed something or have something wrong with my equipment. Good Job SSG!

  2. I've been thinking about getting that attachment for my vacuum sealer. I've just been using oxygen absorbers. Vacuum sealing in the long run would be better. Thanks for the demo!

  3. ok…I'm lost…there's a homesteader (I'm not sure if it's against the rules to say the name of the other channel)that says a canning no-no is that we should never put rings on mason jars because it causes the lid to warp after being vacuum sealed……….I'm confused because you have put the rings on your lids.  As far as I've seen everything you and Sippy do on your channel is on point and I'm just trying to learn the right way to do this……Is there any time that you would not put the rings on the lids of your mason jars?

  4. The bags are so outrageously priced that you might save $600yr on food but spend over $1000 in the bags. My father used to say you can sell 1 for $100 or 1000 for $1

  5. Ha! I was just vacuum sealing a batch of beans that I got a deal on yesterday. Dang Brother, that is one old sealer! Mine is totally different than yours. I just got mine so I can't report on how good the newer ones do with jars. Yet. Thanks, Semper Fi!

  6. Many years ago I used one for the jar feature. The bags became too expensive for the amount I was using. Everything that went in the freezer was separated and sealed in usable portions. Anyway, It did work great, just a little more than I could afford at the time.

  7. Hey BA, could you do a video on your jerky some time? Just curious to see what kind of recipe you do. Also I agree duck is some of the best meat out there. I'm an avid waterfowl Hunter and actually just got done making some sausage from goose I had in the freezer. I'd be willing to pass the recipe your way if you're interested

  8. FLP sent me, didn't know of your channel. Is that a USMC hat I see?? One Old Nav Vet says hi. One thing that I have found is. That if you put your dry food in a jar. You put one of these candles for poppeareey on top of you food and wait until the flame go's out. That fills the jar with carbondioxide. If some critter hatches out, it dies real quick.

  9. That is a cool sealer. I would love a freeze dry setup too. The book "recipes for adventure" has a lot of really good portable food ideas. I never would have known of the book had I not have spent a freezing night with the author by happenstance on a backpacking trip. Thanks for sharing !

  10. I use a food dehydrating & I make a lot of beef jerky from bacon beef jerky to polish beef sausage beef jerky to just regular old carne asada … definitely need to get one of these can make it last a lot longer especially in the freezer or fridge because my wife is like your wife once it's done she Chows on it until it's gone she'll eat it all day and all night that beef jerky that is lol

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