Fall Morning Cleaning Routine//Watch Me Clean Wednesday//Cleaning Motivation


Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to another Watch Me Clean Wednesday! Today I am just doing my normal morning cleaning routine. I like to straighten everything up every day! I did not do anything too much because I was not feeling well! I hope this gives you some cleaning motivation!

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37 Replies to “Fall Morning Cleaning Routine//Watch Me Clean Wednesday//Cleaning Motivation”

  1. U r such a great mother Jessica,..and like u said whats important is for ur girls to remember those precious moments u give them,…I've been wanting to ask where did you get that small cake stand/candle stand??,.I've been looking for one just like it,..and no sucess,…..I would appreciate if u let me know,…Thnks!!

  2. Is that a swiffer duster you are using? Does the duster come off all the time while you are using it? That's the problem I've had with those. Also, where did you find the adorable dish towel in your kitchen? You have the cutest things!

  3. I love those walnut sponges! Maybe it is just me, but I can't stand trying to hold big sponges to wash dishes with. I always cut mine in half. So my package of 2 turns into a package of 4. Does last me so much longer too. Just always wondered if I was the only one that does that.

  4. Love your cleaning videos. I just posted a fall cleaning one as well. I’m obsessed with the Mrs. Meyers Mum scent. I haven’t smelled the apple cider one yet

  5. I couldn't agree more. Kids come first! So often we get stuck on our huge, demanding to do lists that we neglect our kids. I'm totally guilty cause I want to get stuff done! Something I have been working on too.

  6. I love both of you girls! I also think you are right about taking the time with our kids, even while we are busy doing other necessary things. This is something I struggle with all of the time. Since I work outside of the home, when I am home, I feel like I have to use that time to clean, do YouTube stuff, laundry etc and it’s tough when my daughter is asking me to play with her. I’m really trying to give her the attention and put everything on the back burner! Glad I’m not the only one with these feelings!

  7. Aww! I hope you're feeling better soon! And thanks for being real! I find I am so much more encouraged by someone who can admit they aren't perfect than by someone who pretends they are! Enjoy your littles, they are precious!

  8. Love these videos and of course @thejacksonhive I recently found both of your channels and really have enjoyed you guys’ videos! Where did you find the sign for Love above your bed??

  9. Hope you feel better soon, girly! From your video, we'd NEVER know you were sick… you killed it! TFS…Love both you and Emily's channels! Sooo inspiring! Have a good day, chickie!

  10. I love that you stopped your routine to read to that baby! Every Mother's and Father's Day, the kids at church are asked questions about their parents. The most common answers when they play with me, when they do this or that with me. It's always about their time. That's all they really want and will remember. Just like you said! I hope to be this patient and can stop what I'm doing when I have babies of my own! Love your channel!

  11. I am really struggling to get anything done today, and when your video popped up I realised that you probably manage more when you are unwell than I do on a normal day! That gave me a kick up the backside! Love that you shared all the interruptions as well, my little people (and dog!) are always needing something when I am cleaning. You have such a beautiful home x

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