Dyson DC59 Animal Review


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Visit us at http://vacuum-cleaner-advisor.com. In this video we ask the question – Is the Dyson DC59 (now renamed the Dyson V6) worth the money? We take a look at this new stick vacuum from Dyson and test it on bare floors, carpet and pet hair. In addition, we walk through many of the machine’s features and specifications as well as showing how to empty the dust canister, change the vacuum filter and charge the battery.

We would like to highlight that we were provided a DC59 from Dyson in order for us to undertake this review. However we make every effort to be unbiased and straightforward with our investigations regardless of the means by which we have received a vacuum cleaner.


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36 Replies to “Dyson DC59 Animal Review”

  1. Agree with Violet Ashes. And lets not get into pathetic name calling here folks. Great when it works but LIMITED LIFE SPAN because the vortex screen clogs with dust and smells horribly every time you use it. According to the Dyson Canada rep we spoke with this vortex screen can't be cleaned. We did our best by vacuuming it with our other vacuum. Bottom line here is this Dyson is for light touch ups only and definitely not the best for homes with more than 1 pet or near the lake or rural roads. Your only recourse is to contact Dyson for a new head if it is within the warranty time.

  2. Mine gets clogged very easy. No pet hair in the house. To clean it you must remove the strip from the bottom, not the side. We've had to do this almost every time we use it. The little plastic piece is cheap and has bent, so it takes a while to get it back on so that it stays. For cleaning the canister: when you open it dirt goes everywhere, and you must clean it frequently as the can is small. I'd advise only doing so outside. Even over the trash can creates a new mess. The hype implies it can be used to replace your upright. But it really is not for regular use.

  3. I have a fairly new loop pile wool carpet and the Dyson Animal picks up a ton of carpet fluff every time I vacuum. I like using the Dyson on my hardwood floor, but I avoid using it on the carpet because I don't want to ruin it. Do you think the rotating brushes are actually stripping the carpet, and should I switch to a suction-only vacuum for that room?

  4. Anyone would have to be a frigen dope to pay Dyson price's .I have had a vacs with great power for a 1/4 of the money that last for years.

  5. Thanks for the effort but these tests mean nothing without a direct comparison to another vacuum cleaner. For all we know a cheap dust buster could do all this.

  6. Don't waste your money. I am literally throwing mine out in the trash right now. It started giving me major problems 6mths after purchase and I only clean once a week (every Sunday) which means I ONLY GOT ABOUT 25 USES out of it. PATHETIC! It automatically shuts off every time I pull after pushing (battery disconnects or something), the roller stops moving all the time even after I clean it and battery lasts maybe 6min…DO NOT BUY!

  7. All you people that only get 6 – 7 mins use are you sure you haven't got the boost function on (blue light illuminates at rear) 
    You don't need boost and without it activated I have never run out of power!
    The boost setting seems to be on when first used. Switch it off.

  8. If this were a car, it would be a Ferrari with a 1/2 gallon gas tank! Even on LOW speed, it wil only run 6-7 minutes. We're taking it back and getting a REAL vacuum. Yes, it cleans great and looks great but the battery life is dismal. If they ever get the REAL WORLD battery life to an hour or even 1/2 hour, it would be wonderful.

  9. I have been thinking about buying one of these. They are great to use (my friend has one) The downfall is the battery, It doesn't last long, this is putting me off as it's very pricey just for the battery to last a few minutes.

  10. I am very disappointed in the DC59 Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. I only get 5 to 6 minutes of use and then it shuts down, battery needing a 4 hour recharge. This is ridiculous!
    Before you consider buying a cordless Dyson, ask your dealer for an honest answer as to how long a vacuum time you will get before you have to recharge???

  11. I bought a Dyson portable at great expense when they first came out, to clean my open wooden staircase. I never got all the way down on one charge, After a couple of months, the battery was U/S, and extremely expensive to replace. I wouldn't go near a Dyson now if you paid me.

  12. just got it, love it! Have the other heavier Dyson product too, but its not helpful on stairs….this rocks it out. Thanks so much for taking time to put up this review. 

  13. Your video was informative for the most part however a lot of key information is missing from this review. What I was looking for an answer to and have yet to find the answer anywhere on this product is where are the attachments supposed to be stored when not in use? I noticed a spot for two of them on the bottom of the docking station and of course one can stay attached to the vacuum however that leaves one with no where to store. Any ideas? Perhaps you can add that information to your video or at least add it to the next one you do if you decide to do another one? I also noticed you only demonstrated the two motorhead attachments. Why did you not show the crevice and the other brush attachment that comes with this unit in use?

  14. Great review. Would it be possible to test the difference in suction on the two different modes. Test1 on normal mode, Test2 on Max mode. . This will be great and can see the difference. As my concern is that normal mode might not be strong enough. Thank

  15. Just bought the Dyson dc59 ,, it seems to me Mr Dyson target is the older age people and those that have difficulties in lifting heavy vacuum cleaner's which is why i bought this for my wife ,, The bit that gets me is with all the technology today why has the battery got such a short charge,, I have an old video camera and the battery run for an hour or more ,,  This is the third Dyson vac ,, haven't been disappointed so far ,

    Battery dead after 6-7 mins – piece of junk – do not waste your $$$ on this gadget. For $450.00 I would expect more runtime on the battery. Go back to the drawing board Dyson.

  17. The screw that holds the battery to the unit is small, cheap and flimsy, unusual as Dyson normally have high quality components, hope they take the into consideration in future developments.

  18. I have recently bought this Dyson on recommendation, i can only say SAVE YOUR MONEY! I have an old English sheep dog, so I like to vacuum each day, I did not ever finish vacuuming the lounge before the battery died. I recharged it, and after cleaning my car, decided to vacuum it out, I only managed to do the boot and front passenger foot wells before the battery ran out. I also have a GTech Air Ram, which is wonderful and does a full house before the battery runs out, unfortunately it has no tools, looks like this expensive Dyson is going to be the crevice cleaner!!

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