Current Favorites: Makeup, Cleaning & Household Products, Lip Combo, Birthday Gifts & More!


Today I am sharing all of my current favorite makeup, skincare, cleaning products, household items, birthday gifts and more! Please ‘like’ if you enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!

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My FAV Self Tanner:
My Purse:
Tory Burch Sandals:
Marc Jacobs Makeup Bag:

Bedroom Tour:

Bathroom Cleaning Routine:

Clean My Entire House With Me:

If you are in need of some cleaning products, definitely take advantage of the amazing offer below! If you place a $20 order on my favorite cleaning product website, Grove Collaborative, you get 4 of my favorite products for FREE!


For Existing Customers:

Every new customer who signs up through my link gets a free gift with their first purchase from Grove when you spend $20 or more:
Mrs. Meyers Spring Seasonal Hand Soap,
Mrs. Meyers Spring Seasonal Dish Soap,
Mrs. Meyers Spring Hand Lotion
A Grove Collaborative Tray

(Grove currently only ships to the US.)

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My Cleaning Essentials:
Cleaning Cloths:
Black & Decker Handheld Vacuum:
Dusting Mitt:
Shark Vacuum:
Honeywell Air Purifier:
(FAV!) Clorox Disposable Wand:
Stainless Steel Cleaner:
Mrs. Meyers Room Spray:
Method Hand Soap Refill:
(Good Deal!) Method Foaming Hand Soap:
Method Squirt & Mop:
Mrs. Meyers Foaming Hand Soap:
(CURRENT FAV) Mrs. Meyers Soy Candle:

FTC: Some links may be referral links. I am a Grove Collaborative affiliate. All reviews and opinions are always my own! A couple of the beauty items were gifted to me by Octoly. Not sponsored.


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23 Replies to “Current Favorites: Makeup, Cleaning & Household Products, Lip Combo, Birthday Gifts & More!”

  1. Hey Erica! I love watching your channel, it definitely gives me motivation to clean. I've purchased products like the Mrs Meyers baking soda cleaner and method squirt and mop. I'd enjoy/or like to know…. Where do you put your cleaning supplies, such as: vacuum and swiffer? It's difficult for me to find a universal space without walking up and down the stairs constantly. Second, I would really love to see a video about kitchen cabinet and drawer organization. Third, what do you do in regards to daisy's pet hair and dander? I know you have your favorite vacuum and air purifier, and other suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!!!!! Also, my instagram is jms0601

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I was in T J MAXX and found The Rebecca Minkoff bag like yours but larger which works because I'm a bit taller. It was because I saw your bag that I grabbed it!! Although I'm a young grandma I get so many ideas from your videos!!! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.

  3. I have been getting some comments from people saying that my videos aren't showing up in their subscription box/that they aren't getting notified! I have been uploading all kinds of fun videos lately, so please go check out my channel and see if you've missed any!! I'm constantly getting requests for videos I have already done recently, so definitely take a look and see what you missed! Love you all!! 🙂

  4. I cannot use the "Yes" products. I used their makeup wipes before and my face was on fire after I used 1 wipe! It was so red, I'd to wash my face after using them but my face finally calmed down by morning and the redness went away.

  5. You should check out the Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone. I got mine at Whole Foods, but I think you can also get on Amazon. It's 100% natural, fragrance free, kills bacteria, and doesn't leave any marks! I wear a lot of black and hated getting deodorant marks haha

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