Very few people enjoy cleaning, especially early in the morning. This particular day, I had some cleaning I needed to get done so I drank some coffee and got moving!! I want you all to get motivated to clean after watching my video! You will so much better after you get some morning cleaning done and you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your day! Grab some coffee, tea or whatever drink helps you get moving and DO IT!! 🙂

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Cleaning products used in video :

Mrs. Meyers –
Microfiber cloths-
Stainless steel cleaner & Window Cleaner – DIY Cleaner of half vinegar and half water
All Purpose Cleaner (used on kitchen sink)- Tbsp of dish soap and water
Baking Soda (used on kitchen sink)
Pledge Orange Clean – You can find it at Walmart or any grocery store! All types of Pledge have worked well for me!
Dyson vacuum – Model no longer available
Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner –
Top Job Basic Window Cleaner with Ammonia – I bought this at Walmart. I’m don’t remember the exact price
Shower Cleaner – DIY Cleaner of Dawn dish soap and vinegar. I’m not exact on the measurements but it’s ususally one part dish soap and 2 parts vinegar!
Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide Toilet Bowl Cleaner –


Thanks for stopping by my channel! I’m here to share some of the things that I enjoy most in life- Fitness, food, nutrition, beauty, motherhood and cleaning/organization all while trying to have a little bit of fun in the process!

Not only am I a wife and mother to a two-year-old, but I strive to maintain a simple life in everything that I do. My two-year-old daughter keeps me pretty busy so I try to be as efficient as possible all while trying to maintain my sanity and enjoy life!

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  1. NEW Subscriber Here! Love this video and your channel, Love finding new awesome YouTubers!!! We have a channel also Please come over and check us out, SUBSCRIBE and support us on this Journey as well! Have a Blessed Day!- Staying Kingdom Minded

  2. I have been cleaning in the mornings everyday for 30 years. Started when I went back to work when our youngest was 1 had to get up at 5 am but by the time I got home dinner pickup and baths I was done in. Actually got to the point I relished that early morning quite and chance to cleanup without anyone running around behind me. Still have grandkids around all the time and less energy so I still do the early morning or I find chasing the grandkids around wins over cleaning everytime!

  3. Hi Jamie, I heard you said your daughters name Is Avery (is that how you spell it?), my youngest son which he is 38 is named Avery this is how we spell it. I love that name.

  4. Great video! You know what I really like about your channel? The fact that you don't seem to feel like you have to keep up with what everyone else is doing, cleaning with, etc. on their channel!! You don't have to have a $600 vacuum to vacuum, and you aren't cleaning an already clean for the viewers home. I appreciate that. Love it!

  5. what setting on your vacuum do you use for the rugs? I have a dyson and all my rugs seem to get sucked up in the vac or move. Do you feel like the homemade shower cleaner constantly makes more soap suds?

  6. I didn't know you had a cat, its very pretty. 🙂 I'm thinking or remodeling my kitchen and I have a question for you. Do you recommend the type of kitchen sink you have where the counter overs the top of the sink? Do you find that water or other gets up under the rim where the counter and sink meet? I'm just trying to decide what I want and I think your sink design is very pretty. 🙂

  7. I wish my one cup of coffee can make me actually move that fast. Everything and everyone would be moving at regular speed except me, imagine the weird looks I would get, lol (sigh) oh well I can still dream. You have such a pretty house, I love your minimal furniture and decor, your style is right up my alley! xoxo

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