Bathroom Cleaning Motivation-Clean With Me- Cleaning Routine


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Cleaning Motivation for cleaning your bathroom! This is my bathroom cleaning routine! Super easy and quick! I hope you enjoyed! If you did please give me a THUMBS UP!

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27 Replies to “Bathroom Cleaning Motivation-Clean With Me- Cleaning Routine”

  1. I dont use gloves either. When im on a cleaning roll i dont want to stop and put them on. I dont use them even when washing dishes because they are in the way with their bulkiness but my hands let me know they dont like it because they are always dry and i need lotion. LOL

  2. Add me to the No Gloves Club!! I'm a whole lot older than you (my kids are 23 and 30) and I've survived not using them for a lot of years!! Great video, you always motivate me to get busy cleaning something every time I watch one!!

  3. Hello, great video!! I came across ur living room tour video , love it!!! I have to say that after I watched ur living room tour video, I didn't push subscribe button but I did really love it,. Now I came to this video, watched it and as soon as I heard u said about "No glove" I felt in love with u 🙂 I push that subscribed button so quickly and I will be ur subscriber forever:) thanks for sharing!!!! Big thumbs up!!!

  4. I just stumbled upon your channel and I keep binge watching your videos. You're so down to earth, which I'm sure you hear all the time. You remind me so much of makeupbytiffanyd which I mean in the best possible way because I love her. I'm so excited I found your channel!

  5. LOL, I don't wear gloves either.  I don't cook meat though, I'm a flexitarian.  I never thought to wear gloves while cleaning the toilet, though……..  We have that in common.  I've never had a kid, so I never would have thought to wear gloves while changing a diaper.

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