Super Fast Holey-Moley Fence Post Hole Digger


The Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Post Hole Digger uses a standard shop vacuum to dig a post hole 40 inches deep in 3 minutes. The post hole digger, uses the same patented principles as the 6-Inch Holey-Moley digger that has the capability of digging and reaming holes up to 9-inches in diameter. See More Below.

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The 4-1/2 Inch Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Post Hole Digger in this video is shown digging a 40 Inch deep hole in 3 minutes. The demonstration shows a the hole being dug, using a standard Ridgid WD 19560 12Amp Shop Vacuum available at Home Depot. The digger easily penetrates 6 inches of hard pan clay dirt with gravel, a hard pan level of another 6 to 12 inches and then the remainder in softer clay soil. The digger penetrates most soils and hard pan clays, hardpan with gravel, sandy gravel soils, and soils with tree roots. The digger won’t cut through rock or concrete, but has the capability of cutting through sandstone rocks.

The video shows the inside of the hole that is uniform with smooth sidewalls making it very suitable for 4 x 4 inch posts, including 4 inch pipe.

The tailings from the hole are pulverized and arrive in the shop vacuum as a very fine dust along with any gravel that comes out of the hole. The fine clay dust, is shown being poured back into the hole to backfill a 2-inch simulated post.

0:13 Introduction by Titus Nelson
1:00 Start Stop Watch for digging process
1:15 start digging
2:00 approximately 6 inch depth
2:45 approximately 1 foot depth
3:25 approximately 2 foot depth
4:00 Total depth 40 inches.
4:36 Pipe into the hole
4:45 Hole discussion 4-½ inch diameter 40 inches deep
5:49 Start backfill discussion
6:05 Rock from shop vacuum shown.
6:20 Pouring dirt into hole – Fine clay material.
6:45 Discussion on post in the hole
7:45 Discussion about the Digger Head.
8:10 Conclusion
8:12 Contact info