£9.99 for 24 Oral-B compatible toothbrush heads from Ugoagogo

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24 Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads
Stock up on toothbrush heads. Compatible with almost all Oral-B oscillating and rotating toothbrushes*. Ensure that you’re fully prepared for any dental eventuality! Soft bristles for a gentle clean. Long-lasting and durable.

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 9.99

Valid from: 2018/12/30 Valid to: 2019/06/13

£14 instead of £79.99 (from Ugoagogo) for a 17-in-1 waterproof smart watch – save 82%

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17-in-1 Waterproof Fitness Tracker w/ HR Monitor – 10 Colours!
Get a 17-in-1 smart watch! Including remote camera function and notification reminders. Plus a heart-rate monitor, calorie counter and pedometer! Bluetooth 4.0 and compatible with iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 and above. Sweatproof and splash proof. Available in one of 10 colours!

Store Price: £ 79.99

Offer Price: £ 14.00

Valid from: 2019/02/16 Valid to: 2019/04/18

Encourage your kids to go out and get active with a children’s 3D fitness tracker – select from five colours!

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Children’s 3D 5-in-1 Fitness Tracker – 5 Colours!
Treat your child to their very own 5-in-1 3D fitness tracker! Available in 5 colours: black, blue, green, red, white. Functions as a pedometer and calorie counter. It also monitors sleep and temperature, all whilst telling the time! Fits wrists with a circumference of 6 inches and above. Suitable for ages 8 and above.

Store Price: £ 19.99

Offer Price: £ 7.99

Valid from: 2019/02/23 Valid to: 2019/05/24

£19 instead of £119.99 for a me-2 14-in-1 fitness tracker with heart rate monitor from Ugoagogo – save 84%

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ME-2 14-in-1 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – 6 Colours!
Get active with a fitness tracker. Choose from six colours – blue, orange, black, yellow, pink or purple. 14 functions to keep you fit – heart rate monitoring, pedometer, ‘couch to 5k’ training and more. Smart Coach to ensure you meet your goals. Counts steps and tracks sleep. Get fit fast!

Store Price: £ 119.99

Offer Price: £ 19.00

Valid from: 2019/02/21 Valid to: 2019/10/04

£16 instead of £79.99 for a multi function bluetooth lunar smart fitness tracker from Ugoagogo – save 80%

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Multi-Function Bluetooth Fitness Tracker – 3 Colours!
Get a Lunar smart sports watch! Acts as a pedometer, distance tracker, calorie counter and more. Great for those aiming to lose weight or just count their daily activity. Choose your colour from black, turquoise or white. Fully rechargeable for convenience!

Store Price: £ 79.99

Offer Price: £ 16.00

Valid from: 2019/01/21 Valid to: 2019/10/04

Inspire your kids to get out and get moving with a FitStep X-Band kids’ smart watch – choose from six colours!

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FitStep X-Band Kids’ Fitness Tracker – 6 Colours!
Get a FitStep X-Band kids’ fitness tracker! Available in six awesome colours (see below). Includes a calorie counter and pedometer. As well as date and temperature displays. Great for helping your kids get healthy!

Store Price: £ 29.99

Offer Price: £ 8.99

Valid from: 2019/02/11 Valid to: 2019/04/11

£10.99 instead of £49.99 for a water-saving massage shower head from Ugoagogo – save 78%

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Water-Saving Massage Shower Head
Get a futuristic shower head. With micro holes for more pressure, but less water flow! Jets relax muscles and exfoliate skin. Features ceramic silver beads with silver, germanium and tourmaline. Removes impurities and chlorine!

Store Price: £ 49.99

Offer Price: £ 10.99

Valid from: 2019/01/09 Valid to: 2019/10/04

£14 instead of £79.99 (from Ugoagogo) for a 17-in-1 Waterproof Fitness Tracker – save 82%

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17-in-1 Waterproof Fitness Bracelet w/ HR Monitor – 10 Colours!
Get a super smart 17-in-1 Fitness Tracker in one of 10 bright colours. Track your workouts, steps, distance, calories, sleep and more – all from your wrist! Explore more features with a downloadable app for iPhone and Android. Smart band supports time and alarm syncing and incoming call notifications. Easy-to-charge with a built-in USB port to connect to adapters, computers or power banks! Bluetooth 4.0 and compatible with iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 and above.

Store Price: £ 79.99

Offer Price: £ 14.00

Valid from: 2018/02/07 Valid to: 2019/04/16

£18.99 instead of £99.99 (from Ugoagogo) for a Y5 waterproof multi activity sports tracker – save 81%

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Y5 Waterproof Multi Activity Fitness Tracker – 5 Colours!
Get a brilliant fitness tracker! Multi activity with heart rate and blood pressure monitors, and a pedometer! 0.96 inch TFT screen. and 90mAh battery. Waterproof up to 1m deep and 30 minutes. Available in red, light blue, dark blue, purple and black colour options! Size: 40.4cm (L) x 20.1cm (W) x 10.5cm (H) (approx.)

Store Price: £ 99.99

Offer Price: £ 18.99

Valid from: 2018/11/20 Valid to: 2019/04/03

£10 instead of £34.99 for a 13-in-1 kids’ smart fitness activity watch – choose from six colours from Ugoagogo – save 71%

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13-in-1 Kids’ Smart Fitness Activity Watch – 6 Colours!
Get an activity watch for kids. With five functions in one! Monitors steps taken, distances, quality of sleep and much more. Get your kids interested in fitness. Choose your colour from orange, grey, black, red, green, or blue. Fully rechargeable for convenience!

Store Price: £ 34.99

Offer Price: £ 10.00

Valid from: 2018/12/25 Valid to: 2019/04/17