Extra-Thick Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper – 4 Sizes from Go Groopie

Slip into restful slumber with an Extra-Thick Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper Luxurious 85% white duck feather and 15% down filling  Available in 4 sizes: single, double, king or super king  Sumptious and comfortable bedding for a better, restful sleep experience Moulds to conform and support to your unique shape; in whatever position you prefer. Box stitched casing ensures even distribution of filling  Down-proof, hypoallergenic design is great for snoozers with allergies 10

Starts: 2018-05-24
Expires: 2018-05-30

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Panasonic Jet Flo MC-6210 Upright Vacuum

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Here I’m showing (Along with special guests) is my Step Aunt’s vacuum she’s had since maybe 8 years ago. After her old vacuum had died, she was hunting for a good solid budget vacuum. After trying several brands including Kenmore, I suggested to get her a good used Panasonic from my old vacuum store. She wanted to get the one that was similar to my Uncle’s because she liked that vacuum (way before she was married to him) and we got this along with the accessory kit. She really likes this overall especially this nice accessory kit she uses for hardwood floors. The motor on this is not original, it came off from a different Panasonic so I’m not sure how many amps this really has. Once again I compared this to my Uncle’s Panasonic because they are very much alike. Overall, this is a really good vacuum. Powerful agitation with really good suction and airflow. Other than that, I would like to find a blue version of this because I like the color on that one better than this.

Hope you enjoyed!

Update 11/1/17: This vacuum is now officially mine.


Shark Lift Away Vacuum Review

THE GOOD The Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away is a veritable master of versatility. It comes with so many attachments and accessories that you are pretty much guaranteed to have the right brush for the job at hand.

THE BAD It didn’t lead during performance testing. Then again, it costs $450 less than some of its competition — and in many cases the results were only marginally worse.

THE BOTTOM LINE The Shark is a very good vacuum with solid construction and intuitive design. Other models may have performed better, but none of them can match this sweeper’s value for the price.
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Shark vs Dyson REVIEW Which Vacuum Is Best

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Are you shopping for a new vacuum cleaner? You are wavering between buying a Shark vacuum or checking a Dyson vacuum? Ok, so don’t let this make you confused, my complete Shark vs Dyson comparison review today will bring about you a clear picture of these two vacuum kinds, the common features they share as well as the major differences between them. Once reading through this helpful information, you will get to know which one is for you and what you should do for better cleaning. So are you ready to go into the world of powerful vacuum now? Ok, so let’s me start with my own real story of buying new vacuum.


4 Years Ago…. I would like to think I’ve changed and make better content now


This is still here purely as a reminder for myself to remember where I was at 4 years ago, forcing a lot and how I have changed as a content creator.

You have to remember the good old days and cringe at how awfully embarrassing we all were on YouTube so I hope you all enjoy my awkward phase of thinking everyone wanted to know what was going on in my life.

Those views don’t lie though… clearly I had something right with this video.


Miele vs SEBO vacuums – Which vacuum is better? Miele or SEBO – SEBO vs Miele


So you want to know Miele vs sebo vacuums. Miele or sebo which is the best vacuum? You want to buy a new vacuum, but you don’t know should you buy a new sebo or Miele vacuum cleaner? I explain why sebo are better than Miele vacuums and sebo comes out the winner in the Miele vs sebo battle.

When looking to buy the best vacuum that’s made in Germany look no further than this video. If you’re looking for Miele or SEBO and wondering which is the best you need to watch this video review from a professional with nearly 20 years experience in the vacuum industry. Miele vs SEBO is a question we get asked often and Justin from http://www.govacuum.com tells it like it is, SEBO is better than Miele and you can see this for yourself which vacuum is better, SEBO or Miele?

Regardless of the model Miele vs SEBO upright or SEBO verses Miele canister vacuum, the SEBO is clearly the best vacuum on the market today. So before you buy a Miele or SEBO vacuum cleaner watch this video review and find out for yourself which is better? Miele or SEBO?

Miele Uniq vs SEBO d4 which is better? Watch this SEBO vs Miele video review of the brands and their seb236 and et1 ( et-1 ) power nozzles.

DISCLAIMER — This Miele vs SEBO video review is just the opinion of Justin, the leading voice of the vacuum cleaner industry. The opinion of Justin is not the opinion of SEBO USA, GoVacuum, or Miele, Inc. SEBO, GoVacuum and Justin are in no way affiliated with Miele, Inc. GoVacuum is not an authorized Miele dealer. The video of Miele vs SEBO is just the opinion of Justin and is protected by the first amendment, freedom of speech.

Miele, Miele logo and UniQ are trademarks of Miele, Inc. SEBO is a trademark of SEBO, USA.

To buy the better SEBO vacuum call us at 1-888-468-2210 or visit



Whats up guys! С вами Izich.
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В данном ролике вы увидите подборку вак моментов от про игроков (Scream, Flusha, s1mple, JW, Fallen, Kennys и другие). 10 нереальных vac моментов от про игроков. Vac момент – такое развитие событий в матче, при котором игрок делает нереальный минус, очень напоминающий игру с читами.

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Whats up guys! С вами Izich. На моём канале вы найдёте: Патруль, Гайды, ТОП 5 (TOP 10), Факты – Все это по CS:GO и GTA5.

★Оптимизация видео: Теги по запросам 2017:
Weapon sounds for GTA:SA // GENRL Weapon sounds for GTA:SA // GENRL
Weapon Sounds Pack by K3F1R gta sa Diamond Role Play | Sapphire
гта по сети samp advance rp ринго хуй mq и тд p.s теги:D Weapon sounds for GTA:SA // GENRL[Deagle,M4,Shotgun,Sniper]Tags:
Gta San Andreas Hud Mods GTA: San Andreas letzte Mission GTA: San Andreas – ps2 – 104 – End of the Line [1/3] GTA: San Andreas – ps2 – 104 – End of the Line [2/3] GTA: San Andreas – ps2 – 104 – End of the Line [3/3] GTA San Andreas suscriptores street love gta sanandreas.avi GTA MOVIE GTAmissions GTASeriesVideos GTA V looks slightly better than San Andreas (Original) Fast & Furious Grand Theft Auto 4 Video Review – Exclusive!!! (Xbox 360) Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day (HD) Superman Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas GTA 4 GTA 5 GTA Vice City GTA4 – Scooter Brothers!! AutumnTheCuzzy super…tectonic dance GTA 4 JACKASS Gta San Andreas —The Ultimate Graphics and HUD Mod monitage! — GTA IV HUD and Niko Bellic Mod + Cleo for GTA SA San Andreas Graphics Mod (ENB Series) (Bloom and Reflections are Modifiable) TOP 10 GTA CHARACTERS GTA San Andreas HD (GTA IV Graphic and Physic) 10 THINGS WE WANT IN GTA 5. GTA4 Real Life Lollipop Girl! Did you really read this shit? GTA San Andreas gratis download [BEST] GTA San Andreas Funny & Cool Vehicle 2 !! by OndyTHX – Car Airbag – MEGA PACK FREE DOWNLOAD ! – The Best GTA San Andreas Car Mods The Best GTA San Andreas Car Mods GTA San Andreas Theme Song d [BEST QUALITY!] GTA 4 Stunts 3 GTA 4 IV PC FERRARI ENZO CRASH TESTING HD “STOP SOPA” GTA IV Mod – мотоцикл из фильма “Трон”.mpg GTA: San Andreas – Dog GTA SA: Shark attack Mod CJ Raps! How CJs mom died OG Loc Rap CJ’s Moms Murder “the truth” Grand Theft Auto IV – 1967 Shelby GT500 Complete Destruction Dancing Car Optimus Prime in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Naruto Gta San
SAMP 0.3.7 изич компани гг изич csgo vac moment vacation pro palyer

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Fortune Dragon 3-in-1 Vacuum Review

In this video I unbox and test the versatile Fortune Dragon 3-in-1 stick vacuum that also works as a handheld and a mop.

Detailed review: http://www.bestcordlessvacuumguide.com/fortunedragon-multifunctional-cordless-stick-vacuum-review/

Official product page: http://www.gearbest.com/robot-vacuum/pp_484317.html?lkid=10217382

Editor’s note: GearBest has a new promo called the “Kitchen and Home Ideas” where they slash up to 50% off on popular products that includes robotic vacuums like Xiaomi, ILIFE V1, X5, V1, V7 and the Jisiwei I3.

Check this link for more details: http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-kitchen-amp-home-ideas-special-1201.html?lkid=10377462

My observation: When I first laid my hands on this product I had high hopes but performance-wise it really disappointed at least in this cleaning test.

Without the motorized brush turned on it barely picked up powder and oats I scattered on the floor. While it performed better with the brush turned on, it scattered pieces of oats around the room. I will try to test this on carpet and see if it will perform better.

Quality wise this product is pretty decent but you will not mistake this for a Dyson. The crevice tool is only secured by friction, this does not have any locking mechanism that secures this tool in place.

Disclaimer: I got this product in exchange for a free review and I’ll do my best to only publish objective reviews that show the strengths and weaknesses of each product based on the myriad of tests I do.

To support this channel I get a commission through the links I provide above. Thanks again for watching and for supporting my channel.


Technical Product Launch Animated Video

We were asked to create a Technical Product Launch Animated Video for one of the UK’s top technology companies who specialise in cash validators.

The ITL Spectral NV200 is a machine that is set to take the validation world on in a big way. It uses technology that is highly advanced and has taken many years to develop. This spectral scanning technology is a world first allowing the Spectral to validate notes better than any other machine on the market.

So we had to create an awesome product visualisation animation to show it off. The 3D animated product visualisation had to serve two purposes:

1. It needed to show off the technology within the Spectral, so during the video production we had to work very closely with some seriously clever people. We had to take their ideas and turn them into animations that laymen (like us!) would understand. They had to look nice too, we see too many technology or engineering animations that suffer from a very basic look and feel!

2. We had to try to sell the product not only on this technology but on the many other features and styling within the NV200 Spectral itself. This kind of animation means an attention to detail in rendering and a stylish eye, we achieved this by working with some of the talented designers at ITL.

Anyway, let us know what you think about this product visualisation!



How to Make Your Dick Grow Bigger With Penis Extender

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