£9.99 instead of £49 (from V-Whitening) for a six-gel teeth whitening kit, £12.99 for an eight-gel kit – save up to 80%

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Gel Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit
Find your smile again with a teeth whitening kit. Easy and simple to use at home in just 20 minutes a day! Choose either the six-gel Platinum kit, or upgrade to the eight-gel Deluxe kit. Each kit includes whitening gels and caps, as well as boil and bite mouth trays. Plus an ultra LED light for maximum whitening effect, and a teeth shade guide to track your progress. Contains high quality ingredients, with zero peroxide.

Store Price: £ 49.00

Offer Price: £ 9.99

Valid from: 2018/02/14 Valid to: 2018/05/27

£49 instead of £250 for one LED teeth whitening session including a consultation, or £89 for two sessions at Imperial Smile Beauty, Romford – get a bright white smile and save up to 80%!

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Teeth Whitening LED Treatment, Romford
Boost your smile with a one-hour LED teeth whitening treatment. Try one session, or go for a two session upgrade! Includes a professional consultation. Each treatment time is up to an hour. Qualified, experienced practitioners will make sure you’re well taken care of. Based in Romford.

Store Price: £ 250.00

Offer Price: £ 49.00

Valid from: 2018/05/24 Valid to: 2018/08/24

£4.99 instead of £30.67 (from Trade NL) for a kids’ Disney-themed Oral B Pro-Health Stages toothbrush – save 84%

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Disney Themed Children’s Oral B Toothbrush – 3 Designs!
Get a Disney-themed Oral B Pro-Health Stages toothbrush! With a choice of Frozen, Cars or Disney Princess designs. Each toothbrush is battery powered. Perfect for the movement from baby to adult teeth. Get the little ones excited to brush their teeth!

Store Price: £ 30.67

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2018/05/24 Valid to: 2018/06/24

£7.99 instead of £47 (from Kav Plus) for a pack of 28 natural coconut oil teeth whitening strips – save 83%

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28 Natural Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Strips
Find your smile again with a teeth whitening kit. With a natural coconut oil formula. Box includes 28 strips. Easy and convenient to use at home in just 30 minutes per day! Aims to remove years of tough stains left by wine, coffee, smoking and more. Helps you get that bright-white Hollywood smile!

Store Price: £ 47.00

Offer Price: £ 7.99

Valid from: 2018/04/29 Valid to: 2018/05/29

£23.98 instead of £59.99 (from Jynx Direct) for a pink Oral-B Pro 680 3D White electric toothbrush –save 60%

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Oral-B Pro 680 3D White Electric Toothbrush
Get an Oral-B Pro 680 3D White electric toothbrush. In a stylish pink colour! Helps to keep your teeth looking healthy and plaque-free. With a built-in timer for the perfect clean. Includes a charging station with UK 2-pin plug, travel case and 1x brush head.

Store Price: £ 59.99

Offer Price: £ 23.98

Valid from: 2018/05/11 Valid to: 2018/06/11

£14.99 instead of £79.92 for 32 Oral B-compatible toothbrush heads from Forever Cosmetics – save up to 81%

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32 Oral B-Compatible Toothbrush Heads
Stock up on toothbrush heads. Compatible with almost all Oral-B oscillating and rotating toothbrushes. Ensure that you’re fully prepared for any dental eventuality! Soft bristles for a gentle clean. Long-lasting and durable. Make your teeth sparkle!

Store Price: £ 79.92

Offer Price: £ 14.99

Valid from: 2018/03/24 Valid to: 2018/06/16

£7.99 instead of £26.97 (from Jynx Direct) for a three tubes of charcoal toothpaste, £14.99 for six tubes – also get a free toothbrush with each toothpaste and save up to 70%

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Cleansing Charcoal Toothpaste & Free Toothbrush With Each Tube – 3 Or 6 Tubes!
Treat your teeth to cleansing charcoal toothpaste. Choose from three or six 100ml tubes to keep you feeling fresh and smiling bright. Enriched with activated charcoal to aid tooth whiteness and combat bad breath. Gentle ingredients boast antibacterial properties. Also receive a free toothbrush with each toothpaste you order. Try the on-trend toothpaste with a difference which has got the beauty world talking!

Store Price: £ 26.97

Offer Price: £ 7.99

Valid from: 2018/05/10 Valid to: 2018/06/10

£649 instead of £1200 for a ‘6 Month Smiles’ clear braces treatment on one upper or lower arch, £849 for both arches at Euro Dental Care, Birmingham – smile and save up to 46%

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‘6 Month Smiles’ Clear Braces @ Euro Dental Care, Birmingham
Get a clear ‘6 Month Smiles’ dental brace fitted on your upper or lower arches. Aims to help gently straighten teeth in an average time of six months – get a smile to be proud of! Using clear brackets, tooth-coloured wires for a discrete and more natural appearance. With a full consultation and treatment carried out by a friendly and GDC-registered dentist. Open Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm. Based in Harborne and a recognised provider of ‘6 Month Smiles’. Deal Bonus: Get 10% off removable retainers plus a scale and polish for just £40!

Store Price: £ 1200.00

Offer Price: £ 649.00

Valid from: 2018/03/25 Valid to: 2018/06/25

£4 instead of £29.99 for a 50g rise & shine teeth whitening charcoal & coconut shell powder from Forever Cosmetics – save 87%

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50g Rise & Shine Teeth Whitening Charcoal & Coconut Shell Powder
Brighten your smile with a charcoal teeth whitening powder kit! In mint orange flavour. Helps pull toxins from your mouth and remove stains from your teeth. Natural, safe and effective. Recommended to be used 3-5 times per week for best results. Win people over with a shiny smile!

Store Price: £ 29.99

Offer Price: £ 4.00

Valid from: 2018/03/29 Valid to: 2018/06/21

£24.99 instead of £49.99 (from Shoppaholic) for an Oral-B 600 Sensi ultrathin electric toothbrush – save 50%

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Oral-B Pro 600 Sensi Ultrathin Electric Toothbrush
Get an Oral-B 600 Sensi ultrathin electric toothbrush. Soft and thin bristles – perfect for sensitive teeth and gums. Uses oscillating-rotating and pulsating technology to help remove plaque. Built-in timer to help you track the recommended two-minute brushing time. Rechargeable battery lasts for up to seven days! Comes with a replacement brush head.

Store Price: £ 49.99

Offer Price: £ 24.99

Valid from: 2018/04/23 Valid to: 2018/05/23