£119 instead of £250 for a 1ml dermal filler cheek enhancement treatment, or £229 for 2ml at Eternal Aesthetics Clinic, New Barnet – save up to 52%

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Dermal Filler Cheek Enhancement Treatment
Boost your confidence with a cheek enhancement treatment. Using 1ml or 2ml of dermal filler. Aims to reduce the appearance of sunken cheeks. Clinic is based in New Barnet, just five minutes from the train station. Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm.

Store Price: £ 250.00

Offer Price: £ 119.00

Valid from: 2018/03/15 Valid to: 2018/06/15

£79 instead of £175 for 0.55ml of dermal filler, £109 for 1ml of dermal filler at Skin Deep Aesthetics and Beauty, Glasgow – save up to 55%

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0.55 or 1ml of Dermal Filler – Choice of Areas!
Treat yourself before your summer holiday to 0.55ml of dermal filler! Or, upgrade to get 1ml of dermal filler – to use in the lips or other areas (see Full Details). Choose from brands including Juvederm, and be treated by a NMC-registered nurse. At Skin Deep Aesthetics and Beauty, a stylish clinic with fully qualified and professional staff. Based just a two-minute walk from Mount Florida station in Glasgow. With a full consultation to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve with the treatment.

Store Price: £ 175.00

Offer Price: £ 79.00

Valid from: 2018/05/21 Valid to: 2018/06/21

£69 instead of £200 for a 0.5ml lip plump dermal filler treatment at W1 Tanning & Beauty, Mayfair – improve your pout and save 66%!

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0.5ml Lip Plump Filler Treatment, Mayfair
Treat yourself to a 0.5ml lip plump dermal filler treatment. Designed to add volume to your lips and smoothen out wrinkles, scars and dents. A treatment lasting approximately 35-40 minutes, after which you can return to your normal activity. Results can be seen immediately and are designed to last 6-18 months! Based at a pristine clinic in Mayfair. Open Mon-Fri 10am-7.30pm, and Sat 10am-6pm.

Store Price: £ 200.00

Offer Price: £ 69.00

Valid from: 2018/05/18 Valid to: 2018/08/18

£21 instead of £85 for a 40-minute spinal consultation, report and treatment at Healthwise Chiropractic Clinic, Hounslow – save 75%

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Spinal or Osteopath Consultation, Report & Treatment, Hounslow
Get rid of spinal sorrows with this chiropractic/osteopathy package. Undergo a 40-minute consultation with one of the clinic’s expert chiropractors. Then talk through the findings of your personalised spinal report. Recieve a 30-minute treatment which aims to tackle your back issues. Based in Hounslow, open Tue-Thu, 9am-7pm and Sat, 9am-2pm. Deal Bonus: 20% off your next treatment, if booked on the day!

Store Price: £ 85.00

Offer Price: £ 21.00

Valid from: 2018/04/11 Valid to: 2018/07/11

£9 instead of £86.54 for an audio ‘social anxiety’ hypnotherapy programme from The D4 Clinic – save 90%

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‘Social Anxiety’ Hypnotherapy Audio Programme
Get a ‘social anxiety’ audio hypnotherapy programme and combat your fears. Receive a Dropbox file containing your mp4 files. Programme lead by award-winning psychologist Jason O’Callaghan. Aims to help you take back control and tackle your ‘social anxiety’. Listen in the comfort of your own home on your mobile device. Build your confidence and become a new you!

Store Price: £ 86.54

Offer Price: £ 9.00

Valid from: 2018/03/26 Valid to: 2018/06/26

£4.99 instead of £13.99 for a lightweight magnetic stone back posture corrector available in white & black from Ckent Ltd – save 64%

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Lightweight Magnetic Stone Back Posture Corrector – 2 Colours!
Get the support you need with a comfortable posture corrector! To help you stay comfortable at home or in the office. Choose from black or white. Fits effortlessly under everyday clothing. Keep your posture on point. Aims to straighten out your back for a more aligned presence.

Store Price: £ 13.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2018/04/10 Valid to: 2018/06/08

£119 instead of £250 for a 1ml Restylane® Skinboosters™ treatment, £219 for 2ml at Eternal Aesthetics Clinic, New Barnet – save up to 52%

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Restylane® Skinboosters™ Treatment – 1ml Or 2 ml
Treat yourself to a 1ml Restylane® Skinboosters™ treatment. Or upgrade for a 2ml treatment! Involves a series of hydrating micro-injections on your face, hands, neck or décolletage. Aims to improve skin elasticity, skin firmness and fine lines. Clinic is based in New Barnet. Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm.

Store Price: £ 250.00

Offer Price: £ 119.00

Valid from: 2018/03/09 Valid to: 2018/06/09

£4.99 instead of £24.99 for an orthotic arch support gel insoles from Innova Brands – save 80%

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Orthotic Arch Support Gel Insoles
Get an orthotic arch support massaging gel insole. Choose between a single pair or two pairs. Comes in UK sizes 4-6, 6-9 or 8-12! Super soft and comfortable to help relieve rubbing pain. Supplies care and support for your feet. Non-slip and impact absorption.

Store Price: £ 24.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2018/05/19 Valid to: 2018/06/16

£99 instead of £250 for a 1ml dermal filler treatment at Link Aesthetics, Hounslow – save 60%

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1ml Dermal Filler Treatments – Choice of 7 Areas!
Enjoy a 1ml dermal filler on your choice of area. Performed by a qualified nurse. Full consultation included. Areas include lips, wrinkles, facial creases, forehead lines and more. Based in Hounslow, valid Mon-Sat, 10am-2pm. Deal Bonus: 20% off additional dermal fillers booked on the day.

Store Price: £ 250.00

Offer Price: £ 99.00

Valid from: 2018/05/24 Valid to: 2018/08/24

£4.99 instead of £14.99 (from Ugoagogo) for a ‘self-heating’ knee support pad, or £7.99 for two pads – save up to 67%

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Dr Smiths 1 or 2 ‘Self-Heating’ Knee Support Pads
Ease aches and pains with one or two ‘self-heating’ knee pads. Features a quality tourmaline pad. Produces heat after 20-30 minutes of being placed on the knee Can be worn under clothes Helps soothe pain; one size fits most. Perfect for sporty types!

Store Price: £ 14.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2017/12/17 Valid to: 2018/06/15