£24.99 instead of £37 (from Forever Cosmetics) for a 10ml bottle of Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% oil – save 32%

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Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% Oil 10ml
Get a 10ml bottle of Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% oil. 100% natural product found in hemp oil. A handy food supplement!. Popular in the health and wellness world.

Store Price: £ 37.00

Offer Price: £ 24.99

Valid from: 2018/05/13 Valid to: 2018/10/26

£99 instead of £349 for a FemiWand® vaginal tightening treatment at Vivo Clinic, Nottingham city centre – save 72%

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FemiWand® Vaginal Tightening @ VIVO Clinic, Nottingham City Centre
Get a vaginal tightening treatment! Using the high-intensity focused ultrasound of the FemiWand®. Aims to restructure vaginal tissue by rebuilding skin elastin. Just a twenty-minute treatment – you’ll be in and out in no time! Treatment famously made an appearance on Real Housewives of Cheshire. Valid Monday-Sunday, 9.30am-10pm, at their Nottingham city centre clinic.

Store Price: £ 349.00

Offer Price: £ 99.00

Valid from: 2018/10/01 Valid to: 2019/01/01

£9.99 instead of £14.98 (from Some More) for 2x Lynx Africa vitalising aftershave – save 33%

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2x Lynx Africa Vitalising Aftershave 100ml
Smell great with 2x 100ml of Lynx Aftershave. Embrace the exotic smell of African spices. A few sprays go a long way. Stock up on Christmas presents with two products! Smell amazing for an incredible price!

Store Price: £ 14.98

Offer Price: £ 9.99

Valid from: 2018/09/10 Valid to: 2018/10/17

£11.99 instead of £59.99 for a 3-in-1 anti-snore set from Femme Care Boutique – save 80%

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3-in-1 Anti-Snore Set
Ensure your night is noise free with this complete anti-snore set! Including nasal dilators, mouth guard and chin strap. Aims to help stop snoring naturally and comfortably. Comfortable and easy to wear whilst easing breathing. For a peaceful nights sleep for you and your partner.

Store Price: £ 59.99

Offer Price: £ 11.99

Valid from: 2018/09/13 Valid to: 2019/01/03

£4.99 instead of £11.99 (from Some More) for a pack of two Lynx Manwasher shower tools – save 58%

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Lynx Manwasher Shower Sponge – 2 Pack!
Get the right level of clean with two Lynx Manwashers! A two-sided shower tool, with a scrub side and a soft side. Designed to work with Lynx shower gel to keep you squeaky clean. Easy to grip onto with black rubber edges. A great upgrade to your basic sponge, puff or loofah. Supercharge your style and kick-start your day!

Store Price: £ 11.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2018/08/01 Valid to: 2018/11/02

£4.99 instead of £39.99 for a back & body double tanning mitt from Boni Caro – save 88%

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Back & Body Double Tanning Mitt
Get a back and body tanning mitt. Double ended mitt is perfect for getting to those hard to reach areas. Tan your back with ease. Get that summer glow. A night out essential!

Store Price: £ 39.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2018/10/12 Valid to: 2018/11/09

£49 instead of £384 for six sessions of ICE laser hair removal on one area, £99 for two areas, £149 for three areas and £199 for four areas at London Body Centre, Croydon – save up to 87%

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6 Sessions Of ICE Laser Hair Removal
Get six sessions of ICE laser hair removal. Choose to treat up to four areas. Smooth out your bikini line, legs, arms, stomach line, underarms, back and more. Get your body silky smooth in a professional and calming atmosphere. The perfect beauty treat! Valid Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm at London Body Centre, located in Croydon.

Store Price: £ 384.00

Offer Price: £ 49.00

Valid from: 2018/07/17 Valid to: 2018/10/17

£14.99 instead of £39.99 (from McAniis) for a six-piece premium beard grooming kit – save 63%

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6pc Premium Beard Grooming Kit – 3 Scents!
Get a six-piece premium beard grooming kit! Includes vegan-friendly beard oil, beard wash and beard conditioner and beard soap. Available in a choice of three scintillating scents (see below). As well as a hardwood comb and a handy travel pouch. Pesented in a stunning gift box. An ideal gift for Christmas!

Store Price: £ 39.99

Offer Price: £ 14.99

Valid from: 2018/09/29 Valid to: 2018/10/29

£69 instead of £350 for a non-surgical lipolysis ‘weight loss’ injection from YouGlo, Harley Street – save 80%

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Non-Surgical Lipolysis ‘Weight Loss’ Injection
Get a non-surgical mesotherapy lipolysis 2ml ‘weight loss’ injection. An anti-cellulite treatment designed to remould the silhouette and provide a lipolytic effect – aims to combat cellulite and dissolve fat nodules through the use of natural components. Includes a consultation performed by a registered doctor. Based at a pristine clinic on world-famous Harley Street. Valid Mon-Fri 2pm-8pm, and Sat-Sun 10am-5pm. Deal Bonus: 20% off further treatments when booked on the day!

Store Price: £ 350.00

Offer Price: £ 69.00

Valid from: 2018/10/08 Valid to: 2019/01/08

£4.99 (from Some More) for a four-pack of Gillette Mach3 razor heads

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4pk Gillette Mach3 Razor Heads
Get a pack of four Gillette Mach3 razor heads. Each head features three blades. For an even closer shave! With gel strips to help prevent redness. Leaving you feeling smoother and irritation-free!

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2018/09/22 Valid to: 2018/10/22